Angels & Devils
© 2003 Fajita Musik

Just one point of view - a musing on why humans act the way that they do, coming from a personal angle...

I wear my angel face
I wear my devil face
I wear them everyplace
and no one is the wiser

I smile an angel's smile
I grin a demon's grin
here comes the switch again
and no one is the wiser

true colors trickle, mix and splatter on this canvas
what lies inside, I cannot hide from you
you couldn't miss this

I love an angel's love
I hate the devil's hate
they both sit on my plate
and no one is the wiser

sometimes it's angel's food
sometimes it's devil's food
I guess it depends on my mood
and no one is the wiser

one shoulder carries all that's right and pure and loving
the other carries quite the opposite
there's pushing and shoving

angels and devils

I can hope and I can pray
I can't leave but I can't stay
there's no wrong and there's no right
and no one is the wiser

suspicions tell me truly
"neither side is winning"
the only ending is revealed at the beginning

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