I Am An Artist
© 2003 Fajita Musik

For all of the artists out there who feel under-appreciated.

just spoke to my honey, she's freaked about money
the mortgage is due
she said "I'm at work, you're in bed, you're a jerk-off
it's true"

watching the ceiling, I'm getting the feeling she's crazy
crazy for falling in love, that's a fine how-ya-do

I love her like sunshine, she's sweet and she's so fine
but sometimes we fight
and when we've been drinking we both end up sounding like jerks

financial discussions have bad repercussions between us
she said, "you've got to start looking for some real work"


she nearly spilled her zinfandel, I told her "you can go to hell!
I am an artist, I have a real job, it just don't pay well!"

three gigs in July as a video guy paid the phone and the loan
and there was that happy hour job at her favorite buffet

one of my paintings bought one month's supply of Mich Ultra
how can she say that I'm wasting our time this way?


far away and long ago, they used to honor every show
creating was a wonder to behold
now everyone's got shit to sell, God willing, if you do it well
you too can line your loo with beaten gold

made up with my honey, we both know that money,
it makes the world turn
everyone's trying to increase the lessons they learn

somehow we met in the middle and found a solution
trust is like cash, it takes time to amass what you earn


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