Black Indian
© 2000 Fajita Musik

Written on February 25th, 2000--this tune is dedicated to the memory of Amadou Diallo.

I am a Black Indian
ain't no Buffalo Soldier
I'm a dichotomy
my momma's people knew plantations
and moved to reservations when the slave became free

I am a Black Indian
borne from the red sand in New Mexico
west coast walkabout
in search of the big blue ocean
trying to find my way in America

I am a Black Indian
Motherland calls me
but I don't understand
one part of me belongs in Africa
but another part belongs to this land
trying to find my way in America

see with eyes clearly
to define the line bisecting
our identity

you are whoever you are
gotta dig up graves
to climb your family tree
take a little walkabout
in search of what might be
try to find your way in America

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