He's Gonna Blow
© 2003 Fajita Musik

This happens all over America a lot more than we'd like to admit.

in the middle of Los Angeles near the Baldwin overpass
in a shiny steel skyscraper with his nose pressed to the glass
is a dude in need of something to help destroy these walls
lord help the nearest person when his constitution falls

he's not working for al Qaeda, he's just fed up with this rut
let his fingers do the talking, told the boss to kiss his butt
sent the e-mail, grabbed his briefcase and now he's standing there
just staring through the window at the copper-colored air
oh, I think he's gonna blow

he can't seem to win an elevator and so he takes the stairs
down fifty flights to ground zero as he ponders his affairs
in his head he's undecided, but his heart no longer cares
when he gets down to the basement, all those fuckers'll get theirs
oh, I think he's gonna blow

I think he's gonna blow, you'll see it on the news
how some poor bastard went to work and fried his last good fuse
he's been overworked and underpaid, no-one respects his views
I think he's gonna blow, you'll see it on the news

[atonal break]

he's thinking 'bout his wife and kids and how they up and split
as he opens up the trunk lid and pulls out a small black kit
you've got to be so careful with explosives that are warm
he'd been taught that information when he served in Desert Storm

those voices in his head, trying so hard to free him
more voices in his head, "put your hands where I can see them"

4;29 - 9-20-03

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