The Blowout (A Moment Of Hell)
© 1999 Fajita Musik

The first official Mohave song was written on the curb in front of an automotive center in Phoenix.

Arizona sun is baking me
burning iron in my grasp
no Arizona freeway's taking me
I survived the blowout

Arizona breeze is soothing me
turning my sweat into a device
was hot and sticky, now it's cooling me
I survive the fire

just a moment of hell
meeting all my expectations
but there are no frustrations here
just a guardian angel and two really good samaritans
all is well, but I could damn sure use a beer

Arizona plate in front of me
Brooklyn offers sage advice
mechanic checks it out and fixes free
these desert people sure are nice

and as the car goes up on the chocks
I take my axe out of its box and start to play
and the burning steel bites deep into my fingers
no pain-no gain, no sun-no song, no rainy day today
maybe it was supposed to be this way

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