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The sky was a gunsteel blue as Sin City came into view
we had a pack of Dreams between us
a jet circled overhead, buzzing the rocks of the desert red
we took a car to be sure nobody had seen us

40 west to 66, way off the main road, in the sticks
with an eye on the rearview mirror
a Vegas job, a little fun--and once again, we're on the run
hell-bent and bound for California


wake up, time to fly
put on your seatbelt
light that joint that's in the ashtray
it's a long way to L.A.

rise and shine, your turn to drive
don't go over 65
we can't end up caught that way

yes, I love you honey--just as much as money
don't go crazy on me now, don't look at me funny
put your trust in Daddy, they can't catch this Caddy
it's a 455 with nitrous, I got it in Cincinnati


check point in Barstow
hand me the gun slow
they're five and we are two
one bullet for each of you
smash through full speed ahead, window explodes in a spray of red
come on baby, hold my hand
93 miles to the Promised Land


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