Got Your Back, Charlie
© 2004 J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.

I don't like to see people stare at me
I turn away my eyes and cast 'em down below
next drink is on me, my apologies
this is where it ends and starts again

got your back, Charlie

I don't like to find that someone's fooling me
I look 'em in the eyes and cast 'em down below
you don't seem the type to fuck a feller's mind
can I buy you another beer, can I buy you a little time?

got your back, Charlie

some call me "odd" but I much prefer "interesting"
just like this town that you claim as your home
this bar, this crossroads, where all roads lead somewhere
but here it is Nowhere, three cheers for Nowhere

here, here, here!

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Copyright © 2004 J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.

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