Down To Earth
© 1999 Fajita Musik

When in Las Vegas, visit the Stratosphere Tower. It's even higher than it appears when you're high.

920 feet is a long way up
920 feet is a long way down
there are other buffets
do we really have to eat here today?

sooner or later, it's gonna all come down
sooner or later, they're gonna build it back up
we don't have to be hip
there are other buffets on the strip


The Stratosphere Tower she wants to be on top of the world
I just want to be down to earth

swordfish and a scenic view, you know it sounds real nice
gift shop and a coaster too, maybe you could ride twice
I don't like how it sways
let me know when you're ready to leave this place


I'll wait in the casino until you come down
I'll wait in the casino, I'm not goin' back up
You can have your Stratosphere and loathing
there are other buffets here

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