Dream Of You
© 1986 Fajita Musik

Also originally recorded and released on the "Castaway: Original Soundtrack" album, this tune was inspired by the feline goddess of Henderson, Nevada--Nicolienne Francois.

Today found me in another haze
not wanting to awake
I slipped off for several days to give myself a break
not much fun, too many real things are bringing in the clouds
out to put a hold on me, tell me lies are not allowed

what am I to do when I'm alone
watch others walk away?
taste the chances I've once known, even ones I knew today
you remind me of a time that I could never see
smiles and heartbreak flood my eyes everytime you look at me

when a vision passes by, you can choose to mumble "hi"
or walk another way
take the case with you and me
I'm surprised that I still see you day after day

the unwritten law by far is "look before you chase"
I'm too simple of a mind to join the social race
I'm content to make up plans of what I'd like to do
say goodbye to real life and hello to dreams of you

face the facts, you are a girl like no other in the world
way too much for me to see
I can deal with subtle glance, cause I'll never get the chance
to see you loving me

CHORUS who said I was bold enough, who said love was being tough?
well, a man can dream
who said I was wasting time, I've got fantasy in mind
and a man can dream
if I can't belong to you, I'll be sure I'm staying true
when a man can dream
looking up, you're just devine, down to earth, I'm doing fine
all the time I dream of you

dusk to dusk my life away and hide me in a room
close my eyes to what I say, lest I bring the sound of doom
judge the mind of one such fool who likes the current rage
only feels the worth of cool when he's hypnotized on stage

you must think I'm one bizarre sort of derelict by far
but I'm only dodging eyes
that's the reason guys like me sink their time into t.v.
watching soaps and living lies

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