For Drinking Out Loud
© 2004 Magic Dolphin Music


bartender, be a friend
no tonic, straight gin
I'm in a hurry and I want to get plowed
your compassion's why I'm here
so if you could please, lend an ear
because I came here for drinkin' out loud

a little booze-buzz on my brain
perhaps some liquid cocaine
will start me mendin'
and I'll blend in with the crowd
thank God I'm a local
cause you'll let me get vocal
just a yokel for drinkin' out loud

lord bless me full throttle
then pass me the bottle
cause you'll find that my mind's in a cloud
if it wasn't for drinkin'
I might still be thinkin'
about sitting here drinkin' out loud

bartender, you the man
to assist with my plan
I know that somewhere there's a momma who's proud
and somewhere else there's another
slightly less happy mother
who raised a son up for drinking out loud

right now this hell is heaven
and this heaven is hell
I can't remember who I was
or how far I fell
so keep my bar tab wide open
I'll leave when you close
because you win some, you lose some
that's just how it goes

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