At The Fair
© 1999 Fajita Musik

The County Fair is in Pomona
that's where I learned to do the ten-step
and rode a wooden rollercoaster
won a poster at the glass pitch

got bitten by the fudge from Mackinac Island
and saw a twelve-foot castle made out of playsand
ate barbecue and beans until I was crazy full
slam a beer, then head for the carnival

follow the scent of popcorn and candy-you are there
follow the midway down to the freak show-if you dare
spinning head over heels on a death trap-I don't care
lost in a dreamworld, living a miracle at the fair

a tractor pull is at the grandstand
we need additional Budweisers
could use some biscuits and some gravy
save money for the bearded lady

where else would I attempt a glass full of goat's milk?
and then appreciate a judging circle
4-H exhibits and some horticulture
cows, rabbits, pigeons and a turkey vulture

country music, spanish dance
horse and buggies wheel and prance
model trains traverse the yard
sink a shot, it's not that hard

redwood courts and tree trunk home
amazing eyeglass cleaner foam
flower building, jacuzzi hill
over 300 acres, get your fill

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