Get A Life!
© 2000 Fajita Musik

For Melissa and Mimi - we love ya - we mean it!

Melissa and Mimi, so happy to see me
each and every time
they're the women at the radio station
keepin' things in line

Melissa Foxx, she rules with a quick smile
but she don't bite too hard
and Mimi Mouse is in da house
she may seem quiet, but she's quite the card


and it's a Friday night, six o'clock
whatcha gonna do when you wanna rock?
740 AM on your radio, tune it in when you wanna go

Mimi and Melissa, we just wanna kiss ya
Mohave digs you chicks
so we invoked the muse and imbibed a lot of booze
and wrote a song about you just for kicks

we appreciate all you do at WWNZ
so all hail to the girl and the girl who never fail
to whip us right into a frenzy


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