Spider Rock
© 2000 Fajita Musik

Down yonder in the Mesquite Holler
there's a bridge with a shiny new guardrail
I got a piece of the old one in my pocket
to remember the night that I met her

Charlie Dean said he'd meet me at eight o'clock
we'd take our bikes and head out for Spider Rock
to smoke a doob and lay on our backs for hours
I remember it was the night that I met her

please let her be alright
I've got to know for sure now
what went on later that night

please let her be alright
I've got the need to know right now
if the girl's alright

Orion over my shoulder in the sky
Charlie Dean had gotten me so damn high
we started laughing when we heard the tires squeal
then we stopped, and we ran--and I met her

she was in pain, and her boyfriend, he was dead
they rolled their Dodge, she was sitting in the truck bed
she screamed aloud "oh God why is this happening?"
and I remember thinking the same thing

four more nights and I'm back at Spider Rock
my head is clear and the night is too
when they took her away, she told me "thank you"
on that night surreal when I met her

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