Amazing Grace
© 1999 Fajita Musik

This song was written for Bing's best friend and roommate Christine DeMasi.

Miles to go before I sleep, highway take me home
over rivers long and mountains steep, highway take me home
valley starlight shining bright, guide me to her arms tonight
and when I wake, it'll be alright
highway take me home to amazing Grace

I've had cigarettes and coffee on a deadline run
seen the sun rise proud and fade away to black
swapped stories at the crossroads close to dawn
it's kinda nice, but I can't wait to get back

our future, it is in the endless road signs
that point the way to yet another place
a couple days at most I will be gone from you, my amazing Grace

CD player's busted and I can't find a station
sometimes you fly with what's on in your head
the Alabama moon just makes me yearn to croon a lonely tune

and I can't wait to park this truck, forget about the fever
open the door and tell her I am home
she calls to me, I'm happy to receive her
when she calls and says "I miss you", I believe her

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