Hot Fire Hell Sauce
© 2000 Fajita Musik

Got a hunkerin' for Tacos Tijuana
don't hold the jalapenos, heap 'em high
the next best thing to smokin' marijuana
is a smokin' pepper sauce, but don't get it in your eye

a habanero pacified me as a baby
drank Tabasco straight when I was just a teen
good God, I've got that yearnin' for that southbound burnin'
try a cracker of this and you'll see what I mean

Hot fire hell sauce
one million scoville units
sign this waiver please
it'll bring you to your knees

hot fire hell sauce
you'll pay when the day is new
wash your hands when you are through
cause it burns at the other end too

well smack my ass and call me Sally
I think I just set fire to my lung
I'll tell you what I think of your elixir
as soon as I can feel my fucking tongue

the sweat is dripping slowly down my forehead
there's a lava flow erupting in my brain
my lips, oh lord have mercy, rip them from me
because I'm taking another bite, ain't that insane?

[gospel call-and-answer]

hot fire (hot fire)
hell sauce (hell sauce)
on my burrito (on my burrito)
on my taco (on my taco)
that red tomato (that red tomato)
ain't cool enough (ain't cool enough)
to keep (to keep)
them flames down (them flames down)
give me some spicy (give me some spicy)
black beans and ricy (black beans and ricy)
flour tortilla (flour tortilla)
so good to see ya (so good to see ya)
hot fire hell sauce (hot fire hell sauce)
it's good Lord, (it's good Lord)
for what ails you (for what ails you)

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