The Irish In Me
Music and lyrics by Bing Futch © 2004 Fajita Musik

from the isle, arrived in this country
with not very much to my name
but that name I have carried from Dublin to Derry
I'll carry it here just the same

said my father to me, "best prepare for the winter
'tis rough in the snow and the cold
every season of death and re-birth you'll be living
God willin', you'll live til' you're old"

I crossed the river, I crossed the sea
I will live forever, it's the Irish in me

the footprints I follow from Lexington Hollow
lead up to North Michigan shores
there some kinfolk from Blarney, New Ross and Killarney
have all settled in by the scores

and they tell us there's plenty of work here
for hungry young lassies and lads
there is milk, there is honey and plenty of money
to send home to our mothers and dads


It's been seven long years in this country
I long for my home 'cross the sea
the government here is no better than anywhere else
least it seems so to me

be courageous and strong all ye sons and daughters
there be no passion you lack
may the road rise to meet you
may the wind always be at your back



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