That Forgotten Load
© 1989 Fajita Musik

Been sittin' in the same cafe
18-wheelers out the window movin'
you've had your 20th cup of Maxwell House
and the waitress is bringing more

with your legs stretched out in this choke 'n' puke
in the middle of a two-lane black-top
where all the trees have wires and numbers
and the trucks, they never stop

she told you she's never comin' back
packed her things and slammed the screen
you were watching t.v. at the time she left
keepin' calm, don't want to make a scene

the only reason you were staying in Texas
just left for another bed
and so you grit your teeth and sweat it out
but you still want her dead

don't give her the benefit of your mind
she's lost the privilege of your affections
don't give her a minute of your time
keep on walkin' down the road
don't carry that forgotten load

you can head anywhere you want
hitch a ride with a northbound diesel
keep the driver some company
it's lonely on the road

I'm sure he'd tell you some stories
about the women who love
and then turn around and leave you
without so much as a cold "goodbye"

when you reach your destination
and wave the driver goodbye
you can begin your life again
and head somewhere new for a change

maybe someone will surprise you
then again, maybe not
but don't waste your hours crying
over what pain this has brought

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