The songs of Mohave that come from out of Nowhere, Nevada are inspired by the many stories told by the locals, while others are brought into town by the Travelers. These itinerant passers-through will stop for a beer and directions on their way to Somewhere, often sharing a bit of conversation before heading back onto the highway.

Many of the songs are true. Some will leave you wondering. There are many different paths to travel through these tunes, but all roads lead to Nowhere, eventually...


Nowhere, Nevada
One-Way Ticket
Georgia Peach
With The Rain Came You
Black Indian
At The Fair
Simon Brothers Mercantile
Hot Fire Hell Sauce
Spider Rock
Come On With Me
Without You
Dream Of You
Get A Life!
Gig Snafu
The 11:55
The Blowout (A Moment Of Hell)
Amazing Grace
Interstate 10 Blues
That Forgotten Load
World Of My Own
Bridge Over Troubled Daughter
Everything's Relative
Down To Earth
Floatin' Wally (Gatorworld: The Sequel, With Happier Ending)
See You Next Wednesday
All For One
Every Quasar Burning Bright
Jamaica Farewell
Sunday Morning
Angels & Devils
Positive Vibes
April Fools
Working Hard
Twisted Blues
I Am An Artist
He's Gonna Blow
Cuckoo Tom
Black Ribbon Yonder
Got Your Back, Charlie
Planet Earth
La Suerte de los Tontos
Catch You On The Flip Side
So Alright
This Cool
No Fear Have I
Silent Running
Neon Tiki
Emotional Outback
Nine One One
The Irish In Me
For Drinking Out Loud



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