Sunday Morning
© 2002 Fajita Musik

A song partially inspired by that princess angel Rene St. Jean - can you figure out what this song is all about?

Sunday morning fills my cup with light
Tea and kisses after Saturday night
Will she wake me or let me sleep in?
Doesn't matter, either way I win

The dreams I had last night are fading quickly into another dream

Sunday morning see the sunrise high
Dewdrops sparkling like diamonds fell from the sky
Through my window comes a blessed breeze
Scents of breakfast, eggs, ham, coffee and cheese

I throw my arms wide open to the new day and step outside to greet it

It's alright, I'm feeling the flow now
A raw new energy that makes me warm
It's alright, I'm walkin' barefoot down streets of freedom
On Sunday morning

Sunday morning smiles are everywhere
Children laughing with flowers in their hair
My heart's pounding, something sure is strange
It's like the Twilight Zone, everything has changed

The dreams I had last night look just like this, this is another dream

It's alright, feels like the real thing
Wave to my neighbor, his name is Norm
It's alright, I'm living the moment, gonna get a recharge
On Sunday morning

What in the hell - what in the hell have I gotten myself into?
I can't explain - I can't explain, can't even begin to

Sunday morning fades like summer's tan
Session's over, sit-up, pay the man
Come back Tuesday to see the fireworks
Special discount, membership has its perks

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