Nowhere, Nevada
© 1999 Fajita Musik

Well you can't get there from here, but you can try
you'll see it just as you're about to pass it by
when the writing on the wall is invisible to the eye

don't blink - it'll vanish into thin air
don't think - it's a mental game of solitaire
just drink - cause that'll get you Nowhere
Nowhere, Nevada

now everybody drinks in that ol' town
some drink from the break of day till the sun goes down
there ain't a hell of a lot to do there, except buy another round

The El Rey Drive-In straight out of Nowhere, saved my soul
I'd rather lose my mind than lose control
Lord, 18 was the age at which I fled
but I'm still goin' Nowhere in my head

here's to the two of thee
here's to the three of thee
here's to the four of thee
here's to the all of thee

well they say you can't go home again, that's true
especially when no-one remembers you
until you're on the barstool, now that's a familiar view

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