Emotional Outback
© 1998 Fajita Musik/J.O.B. Entertainment

there's a dawning in my head
all creative thought is dead
the well has run dry as a bone
I can hear the weary earth groan in an emotional outback

it sets these teeth on edge to think
from this barbaric life I shrink
the sun baked away all the tears
that were shed so many many years in this emotional outback

some suckers got a lot of balls
when they're tearing down the walls
once they're bleeding, open wounds don't heal
some suckers don't know when to stop
when they're speeding down the blacktop
they've got a need to fall asleep at the wheel

some suckers live a fantasy
foolish hopes of being free
the morning sun is eclipsed by the black
some suckers think they'll never die
so their enemies they crucify in an emotional outback

my thoughts are filled with dirt
I was taught as a child that it would not hurt
painful memories and realizations
serve as the only inspirations in this emotional outback

ending life is futile, no, no, no plan to stand
on a chair with a gun in my hand
I'm not in my head today
and little did I know there was a price to pay to leave

the heat is driving me insane
it's cooked my soul and it's burned my brain
darkness fell without a warning
things might be better come the morning in this emotional outback

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