Planet Earth
© 2004 J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.

say hello to the future as it passes through you
say goodbye to your memories of yesterday
in a cold, hard moment by the ticking of a second hand
you can try to rein it in, try to rein it in
rein it in

you know life; it just happens to you

comes the buzzer in the morning, then you plug into the system
guard your time like a new mom, sometimes wonder why
and in another country in a shack with a t.v.
sits an ordinary man and he's wishing he was me

you know life; it just happens to you

why do we pretend to understand the reasons behind the ever-changing
planet earth?

so many days, many faces, so many special times and places
a little human oasis, we are what we are
then comes that buzzer in the morning
just a slave to the system, always dreaming of
what tomorrow never brings

you know life; it just happens to you
you know life; shit happens to you

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Copyright © 2004 J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.

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