With The Rain Came You
© 1986 Fajita Musik

This song was written for actress Kristin Hailstone and is a flowery account of how she met Bing at Knott's Berry Farm in California This is the same Kristin that would inspire the poisonous "Letter From Kristin" from the CRAZED BUNNYZ album "Blutgasse".

Rain falls down like the passing of time, like the passage of ages
I breathe in the cold October air as I watch the sky
send forth beads of love to the thirsty earth
with this flood of water, refresh my mind and romance the time
I think of the warm secluded nights that the winter brings
and I dread the thought that loneliness stings
sent far, probably from Heaven, I don' t know--will you stay?
pound my heart, get over the surprise I'm feeling today

Nevada rainstorm, outside of Vegas with the rain came you, with you came a chance
with the chance, came love--with the love, romance
with the rain came you, with you came a thought
with the thought came fears and the rain washes tears away

night brings cold like a memory of stone, like the murder of truth
I shiver and watch the trees dripping God's sweet nectar
long after the wrath of the clouds has stilled
I belong to the night as a passing voice now recording the scenes
and I bleed my soul of the long day's quest in a usual way
hoping maybe the drought in my life went away
sent far by the hands of love, could it be I'm alive?
will I wake or can I dream, will the feeling survive?

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