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In August of 1999, Bing and tour manager M.K. Hartmann were driving through Texas on the way back home when it was decided to stop and withdraw the last $60 of gas money from an ATM. It dispensed $20, subtracted the amount requested from the account and left the travelers stranded. While arrangements were being made, Bing wrote this tune while standing at the gas pumps.

Got a guitar in Houston for $32.99
didn't come with a case
didn't come with a cord
but Lord, that suits me fine


ring-a-ding-ding, my name is Bing
I can't play guitar and I can't sing

picked up a mouth harp in Phoenix
got it in the key of C
it's just a little thing
but it ain't got strings
and that's all that matters to me


picked up a girlie in Vegas
the girlie, she was mighty fine
she was quite the little honey
but she spent all my money
and left me with nothing but a dime


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