Gig Snafu
© 1999 Fajita Musik

Friday at The Station, about to set up shop
got the drums almost ready when someone yelled "stop,
what do you think you're doin'?" we said, "gettin' ready to play"
the soundman gravely shook his head and answered back, "no-not today"
that's what he say

I looked at my drummer and he looked at me
the sound guy said, "your bookin' agent ain't got no authority
we got a three-band bill, there ain't room for one more"
so we packed our shit correctly, headed directly for the door
right out the door

it's no big, cause it's just one gig
we were booked, go fig--but it's just one gig

at the front of The Station they did congregate
there were the Bandees, there was Hoeck, they all figured we were playin' late
no, that ain't the story, I had to tell the crew
we got a failure to communicate, we got a gig snafu
a big snafu

the moral of the story, is not to come out fightin'
when you book your band in town, you'd better get somethin' in writin'
no offense to The Station, or anyone involved
you gotta C.Y.A. when you D.I.Y. to get your cash flow problem solved
had enough of that thin bread baby
that thin white bread that Slim was talkin' about
that stuff can't hold the jam
too thin to sit up in the toaster, it just flop over

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