"clear blue trickling" (2005)

Recorded at Richter Records and produced by David Schweizer and Mohave, clear blue trickling is a non-stop audio adventure! A vivid production mixes soundtrack soundscapes with the band's tight, powerful and dynamic live sound. Features new versions of "Black Indian" and "Down To Earth" along with fresh tracks like "The Miner & His Music" and "See You Next Wednesday"! $12.00

"Producer David Schweizer and Mohave have created a sensational energy packed album that you NEED to check out." - Ben Gardner/OrlandoBands.com

"Pure entertainment." - Patrick Sheehy/Kill Your FM

"I can’t help smiling while Mohave plays on the media player." - Andy/Indulged.com

"Live At Leu Gardens" (2003)

Nominated for a 2004 "CD Of The Year" award by the Songwriters Showcases Of America, this unplugged affair (no drums) captures the spirit of Mohave at their crowd-pleasing best. Features Positive Vibes, Simon Brothers Mercantile, At The Fair and covers of Hey Bobby and Ring Of Fire. $10.00

"Spider Rock: The Full Sail Sessions" (2001)

The band's first full-length release, recorded at Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, kicks things up a notch. Includes Hot Fire Hell Sauce, Interstate 10 Blues, Black Indian and the original "Ryan & Stacia Trilogy" $10.00

"Homegrown: Special Edition" (1999)

The one that started it all! Mohave's debut EP, recorded in three days and featuring early recordings of Nowhere, Dream Of You and Georgia Peach. Also on this disc: rarities, demos and live bonus tracks! $10.00


Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much!) ~

The Mohave Tribe


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