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Another true story of life on the road.

I ain't got no reason to smile
far from home now, 2700 miles
can't believe it happened once again, my luck's run out
mercy, mercy, stranded by an ATM

the farm is closing, so are my eyes
waiting for the morning, waiting for the sun to rise
the crew is sleeping in the car
twenty dollars in the gas pool, but it won't get us that far

I ain't got no damn energy
beat man walkin', but I'm much too wired to sleep
so I sit here playin' Beach Boulevard but no-one sees,
Lord have mercy, sometimes life can be so hard

the farm is closed now, the people leave
heading for motel rooms, but I can't get no relief
home is sitting in a parking lot
it don't sound like much but Christ Almighty it is all we've got

we are stranded, we are stranded
please excuse me if this sounds heavy handed
we are stranded but not disbanded
things will work out right if we just make it through the night
Just make it through the night, won't give up without a fight

I ain't got no money to burn
damn machine took ATM card and it did not return
called customer service to discover what's our fate
they don't help none, told us just to sit and wait

the farm is open for a brand new day
God it looks inviting, wish that we could stay and play
but we've got business with the bank
give us back our card so we can put some gas into this tank

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