© 1986 Fajita Musik

This song was first released on "Castaway: Original Soundtrack" and written for the beautiful Nicolienne Francois.

You make it easy to lose my senses
to drift away from the common ground
time flies and passes through me
it happens to me when you're around

I see stars like flames
new moon like sentinels
hills of black, jagged shadows in the night
the distant roar of truckers rolling on the asphalt dunes
puts me in a state of melancholy fright

stay, don't leave my memory
you whisper to me, "I'm coming back in a million years"
the heavens cry, but for a moment
I know what you meant, and the midnight clears

little light, away with all your bedtime tales
sans the storybook collection in your eyes
I can see the troubled waters start to clear for beauty's sake
and my fantasies serve as love's disguise


atmosphere, morning rain
say goodbye to all the yesterday's tonight
strike the match, light a candle in the dark
hold it up inside your heart
and the rain keeps pouring down in Thundertown

frost caked on the window
the mountain cabin is calling me to a warmer zone
twinkling, those city sidewalks
my mind says "here, I am alone"
wild woods combined
romantically inclined
several stories floating through the air at once
I see spectres, I see visions
undecided, indecision
and the pining for a dream state that I want

you, outlined in twilight
your constellation shining bright
in the sky of mind
two stars on the horizon
one star is yours
a wondrous find

the other waits as earth makes perfect time
spinning slowly, casting images of space
though miracles release the hold and charts among the stars
it would be an act of grace

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