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Mr. Neighbors turned 50 on the same day that he died
the paramedics said that it was a heart attack
and his dear wife didn't find out until a couple of days had passed
she was recovering from a surgery on her back

down at St. James of Ventura, another day rolls through
another case, another face in need of care
and some will leave much better, and some won't leave at all
and some would say that life, it just ain't fair

his bedside manner was the best, they said
and Dr. Dan was the man you hoped to see
but years of E.R. duty had worn him down
it's harder to lose your patients when you're the best around

Connie Mason was a regular, the staff all knew her well
she was the sweetest gal that they had ever met
and they tried their best to fix it so she'd only visit for fun
try as they might, they couldn't stop the pain, yet

we all live and die, that's the rule of life
those doctors and their nurses go through hell
people's highs and lows, they come and they go, day in, day out
if you work in this field, you know the story well

you can always question why -- you can always scream and cry
those answers may not ever come in this life
just treasure every sigh -- each hello and goodbye
and be thankful for the ones who treat us right
God bless the ones who are there day and night

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Copyright © 2004 J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.

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