Floatin' Wally (Gatorworld: The Sequel, With Happier Ending)
© 1999 Fajita Musik

True story about what happened at Walt Disney World one day. A subsequent follow-up investigation has revealed that no harm came to the little fella. In the tradition of song sequels (like "Space Oddity" followed by "Major Tom"--two artists, one basic theme) this tune pays homage to the great song "Gatorworld" by KORSICAN OPERA.

We were floating up the river on a Magic Kingdom day
heading for Tom Sawyer's Island with a strong desire to play
play we did till it got later and as we took the raft to shore
my girl said, "look, there is a gator", he was damn hard to ignore

his beady eyes and snout coursed through the water t'wards our boat
while on the dock, some tourists gathered round to watch him float
more lifelike than the Jungle Cruise was our reptilian friend
but little did he know his river swim was at an end

'cause operations called a manager, a manager appeared
took one look at Floatin' Wally, said "this is what I'd feared"
and the crowd was turned away, we returned later that day
but there was no Floatin' Wally, Floatin' Wally couldn't stay

they can hook you up with pirates, stage a gunfight on a whim
but they draw the line at critters unauthorized to take a swim
all he wanted was an egret, a little snack to sneak on the fly
but the gator was not invited, so the gator said "bye-bye"

now I don't know what happened to that little gator tot
I suppose that Animal Control was called to get him caught
and they probably took him far away where other gators splash and play
it simply would not do to have a guest ate up on Labor Day

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