See You Next Wednesday
© 2000 Fajita Musik

"See you next Wednesday," it's written on the walls in blood
there's a man on the ledge, I wouldn't hedge my bets
that he won't end up in the mud

sittin' here watching the walls turn colors
as CNN reports the latest outrage
it ain't news to me though cause it said so
late this morning on the front page

starin' at the shadows dancin' to
the endless rhythm of the gunfire
"the world's been crazier longer
than it's been sane," says another town criar

the price we pay goes up today
we'll show you after the break

a good friend of mine has bars on all the windows
of her house, it sure is ugly
she said "I've got a can of mace and a stun gun
in case anyone tries to mug me"

say Lord, I couldn't believe it when
I found the loaded pistol in her drawer
I had to think about what I said when I said to her
"girlfriend, what's a pretty little thing like you need this for?"

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