Working Hard
© 1994 Fajita Musik

Baby loves to boogie.

She's on the line and she's ready to play
with some fun on her mind and a need to get away
the clock starts tickin' as the phone goes 'click'
twenty minutes later we'll be working hard to get our kicks


workin' hard and livin' long
goin' ninety miles an hour and we're feelin' strong
what the day don't know won't hurt the night
as long as you keep doing that girl, it'll be alright

workin' hard and livin' for love
I know an angel when I see her when the push comes to shove
if heaven was a first down, I'd need a yard
the girl is full of energy - she's got me workin' hard

well the timecard's punched, I'm a weary man
gonna stumble home and shower if I think I still can
when the phone rings once, I will energize
just for a chance to share a dance and look into them blue eyes


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