World Of My Own
© 1993 Fajita Musik

The first tune written by Bing when he moved to Florida. It has a decidely tropical touch.

I'm not unhappy
I'm not afraid
I don't apologize for plans I've made
but on the East Coast, it's another game
much different from the last

I can't blame age
and I can't blame fate
I think it's me, but it's far too late
my ups have turned to downs
my circumstances changed
the man I knew so well
might just be that deranged

and now I'm lost without a clue
somewhere inside is what I once knew
I'm stumbling in the dark, afraid of the light
fighting the tears that come in the night

and when I need the world around me
back to basics; I'm alone
and I find I'm lost within a world of my own

the world brings forth
the world retreats
it's all relative to me
but my angst will increase

I search for truth in fiction
I lie to save my face
but somewhere in the mixture
we learn from our mistakes

though it rains a little every day now
life is very nice
cause I got the hell out of L.A. now
and I'm heading for paradise

though it rains a little every day now
everything's okay
in the tropical blue, I'm at peace with the view
of the islands on the way

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